Rebuilding the STL C33 Laurel

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it. When I originally went to view what became my C33 Laurel back in 2015, all I could see was potential for how I could chop and change it to suit my tastes. Nowadays, had I have gone to view the exact same car, […]

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STL P10 Primera

Stay Healthy, Drive Fun Cars Regularly

If you have an especially active mind, the summer months can prove to be both enjoyable and mentally tough in equal measure. The constant feeling that you should be doing something more active and outdoorsy with your time as opposed to the tasks and projects that you need to focus […]

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STL!3 Incoming

Next week we take over Driftland for two days of hectic open pit lane drifting. All driver spots are invite-only and are accounted for but spectators are of course welcome. Drifting runs 11am-6pm, June 21st-22nd. STL! merch will also be available at the event. Poster photo by DZE Photography.

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STL, 2017 Edition

If 2016 was a year of stress and excitement for Street Track Life, 2017 was a year of frustration. I’m still here soldiering on but there have been some serious bumps along the way behind the scenes.

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Alex Side Skirt

Lows vs Fibreglass: the Battle for Durability

With Alex’s S14a being as low as it is, fibreglass parts tend not to last too long. The side skirts in particular have an especially hard time, with the bottom section consistently rubbing the floor on acceleration and eventually just eroding away. Now that he has a new Origin Labo Racing […]

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This is Only the Beginning…: 2016 in Review

What a year. I don’t think this website has ever caused so much combined stress and excitement for me since I began blogging six years ago. Two trips to Japan, the first STL drift event, working with 326POWER, new product launches; the adventures and challenges have been non-stop but, as […]

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I finally setup an Instagram account for the site rather than continuing to hijack my personal one – give streettracklife a follow.

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Roll Cage & Cream Leather: STL! C33 Laurel

Throwing a drift car around on track is always awesome but to me, half the fun is also being able to drive your dumb drift car to work, to the shops or out to the middle of nowhere for some spirited driving whenever you feel like it. On that note, […]

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