326POWER Crocs

326POWER Manriki Wings Back in Stock

Last week was filled with big deliveries at 326POWER HQ! Most importantly , our infamous 326POWER Manriki wings (both regular and the new GT86-style) and 326POWER Crocs (Large size) are now back in stock, so make sure you head over to the shop to order yours before we run out again due to exceptional demand!

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QUAD STAR QS102C Wheels Now Available

In my continuous quest to provide easy access to interesting, high quality and relatively unknown (in the UK, at least) brands, I’m pleased to announce that the QUAD STAR QS102C 22″ 2-piece wheels has now been added to the shop and that STL! are the exclusive distributors.

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TK6F Lotus Elise

TKS TK6F Wheels Now Available from STL!

I’m pleased to announce that STREET TRACK LIFE is the exclusive distributor for the TKS TK6F 2-piece forged wheel. TK Sport are a renowned Lotus tuner outfit based out of Osaka. While it might seem crazy that a small workshop on the other side of the world can dedicate themselves […]

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STL! Spring/Summer 2018 Merch Now Available

It’s been a long while coming but I’m very proud to have released an STL! Spring/Summer clothing range that you can find in the shop now. Items include three new t-shirts (short & long sleeve) and a pullover hoodie. I’ve been wanting to release a hoodie for years now so I’m extremely […]

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New STL Stickers Now Available

The last batch of STL stickers sold out ages ago now, so I must say sorry for the delay in getting some new designs in the shop. New for 2018, two designs with two different colour schemes are now available in the shop here. As always, thank you for the continued […]

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HAILA DIAMOND Wheels now Available

On my continued quest to able to supply super high quality, unique and distinctive parts to STL customers, I”m pleased to announce that Haila Diamond wheels are now available in the shop. In terms of quality, these are about as good as it gets for VIP cars: two-piece forged construction, completely […]

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STL Christmas Mega Combo Pack

Merry Christmas from STL!

Merry Christmas! I’m really not a Christmas person but head over to the STL shop where you can find a new updated Christmas merch mega bundle; t-shirt, beanie, mechanics gloves and lanyard for £40 when ordered between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day! I’ve also just restocked HM-Sports E36 Roof […]

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STL Mega Combo Pack

Black Friday & Cyber Monday (!?) STL Combo Pack Deal!

I don’t really know anything about Black Friday or Cyber Monday but it seems like everyone’s at it, so I’ve put together the STL combo pack to end all combo packs, dropped the price and then dropped the price some more for the next few days! Included is an STL […]

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