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Meihan Flashback with Seimi Tanaka

Seimi Tanaka reviewing the rear end damage to his S13 practice car (perhaps his former D1SL car?) at Meihan Sportsland during my first visit there, September 2016. You can check out my video from this particular day here.

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RWB New Year Party 2019

RWB Party on Tape

Following on from my last post, here is some footage that I filmed at the RWB New Year Party in Tokyo on my old camcorder, shot on tape. Enjoy.

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RAUH-Welt Begriff New Years Party in Tokyo

January means one thing and one thing only; Tokyo Auto Salon! Admittedly, to this day, I’m still not much of a static car show person but Auto Salon is unlike anything else. Not only will you find the most eclectic mix of cars imaginable in the main show, but you […]

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Trying to Stay Dry at Meihan Pt.1

I posted about the first part of my January journey to Meihan a few weeks ago, so here are some DSLR photos from that particular evening and also the first bunch of my photos from the following day’s drifting at Meihan; a post-Tokyo Auto Salon event organised by N-Style.

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Miki Pink Style S13 Meihan

More to Come…I Promise

Once again, I’ve slipped behind on the blog! Shop duties are by far and away taking over the majority of my time right now but when I say that I promise more content is on the way, I mean it. At the time of writing, I have 88 drafts saved […]

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The Road (and Train) to Meihan: a Visit to Stacked Inc.

While I was at Tokyo Auto Salon I’d been tipped off about a small drift event that would be taking place at Meihan the following Wednesday, organised by the N-Style crew (Naoki Nakamura etc.). The only problem was that the weather forecast was predicting heavy snow, so IĀ held off making […]

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TAS 2018 Liberty Walk

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 Pt2: the Show

If you’ve been reading Tokyo Auto Salon coverage on other sites up to this point, you’ve probably read plenty of hyperbole regarding the event and Japan as a country itself. Yes, TAS bombards your senses with more than enough sights and sounds to keep your brain preoccupied for a week […]

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Meihan 2018 Video

A Rainy Day at Meihan

I’ve just recently got back from another incredible trip to Japan that included a stint at Tokyo Auto Salon. I’ve got hundreds of photos to share with you all but, first of all, here is my footage from a rainy day at Meihan Sportsland that I attended on the Wednesday […]

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