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Meihan Flashback with Seimi Tanaka

Seimi Tanaka reviewing the rear end damage to his S13 practice car (perhaps his former D1SL car?) at Meihan Sportsland during my first visit there, September 2016. You can check out my video from this particular day here.

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Rockingham Meihan Mikey S14

The End of an Era: the End of Rockingham Meihan

Sunday was a bittersweet day. Just as it felt like the team behind Rockingham Drift Days had truly got their Meihan replica formula dialled in, the announcement that the huge Rockingham complex was due to close spread like wildfire across social media.

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RIPMEIHAN Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free shipping for UK customers attending this weekend’s final running of the Meihan layout at Rockingham. Use code ‘RIPMEIHAN’ and collect your order in person on Sunday – click here to shop. Code will expire at midnight on Friday night to allow me time to prepare orders on Saturday. Only […]

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Rockingham Meihan Video

Rockingham Meihan Slip n’ Slide

I’ve put together some of my video footage from Rockingham’s Easter Monday drift day. I only filmed on the Meihan layout during the event, choosing to ignore the Lakeside track in favour of hopefully seeing some wall running action. Check out the video below and you can find my words and […]

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STREET TRACK LIFE Rockingham Meihan Low Origin

A Damp Day at Rockingham Meihan

If there’s been one recurring source of frustration for my 2018 so far, it’s been the weather. While the working week is often spent gazing out of my office window at the sunshine and wishing I could be working on my cars, pretty much every weekend of this year so far feels like […]

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Trying to Stay Dry at Meihan Pt.1

I posted about the first part of my January journey to Meihan a few weeks ago, so here are some DSLR photos from that particular evening and also the first bunch of my photos from the following day’s drifting at Meihan; a post-Tokyo Auto Salon event organised by N-Style.

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Miki Pink Style S13 Meihan

More to Come…I Promise

Once again, I’ve slipped behind on the blog! Shop duties are by far and away taking over the majority of my time right now but when I say that I promise more content is on the way, I mean it. At the time of writing, I have 88 drafts saved […]

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