Since getting my S13 back on the road I was starting to discover the biggest pitfall of having a 3″ exhaust system over the 2.25″ system that I used to run: ground clearance. I point blank refused to raise the car on a permanent basis, so I needed a slight bit of remedial work to the rear of the system in order to make scraping an every now and then¬†occurrence, as opposed to it being an almost constant problem. I went to see Craig at Top Gear Stockport, not only because he’s based just a few miles down the road but because his welding skills are second to none.

Craig is also the owner of the stunning FD3S that you see before you Рa car that I have been familiar with for some time and have featured in the past.

The car has always been a bit of a beast but Craig has certainly stepped it up a notch for this incarnation.

This clean and simple CR-X was also in the workshop – judging by the tax disc it hasn’t moved for some time.

No sooner had I arrived than I was ready to leave with the back end of the exhaust raised as close to the subframe as possible. With clearance now as spot-on as it’ll ever be I immediately went home and did the only thing I could do: lower the rear of the car back down as far as I could! I took a few pictures on my way home afterwards so I’ll get them on here in a few days time.




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