If you own or have owned a drift car, you’ll be all too familiar with how expensive their upkeep is, especially if they remain road legal and are driven on the public highway. Now imagine that you own two drift cars, both of which are road legal, packing the best part of 400bhp and are notoriously unreliable old Nissans. Oh, and one of them is a podium finishing BDC car. As I’m sure you can tell, it wouldn’t be a situation you’d choose to be in should you like your balance to remain on the stable side of zero.

This Z32 300ZX is Alex’s other drift car (his primary choice of sideways transport being his S14a BDC car). However, the Z32 came into his hands before the 14 and, despite being on its 4th engine in around as many years, he’s never been able to part with it.

Having had engine number four transplanted into it a handful of weeks ago (another twin turbo unit, despite it starting out as an N/A model) it’s been out and about a few times recently, but the other day Alex decided he was bored and decided to make himself familiar with the tool we often refer to as the “lowering stick”. The results were…well, I’m sure you can see for yourself.

9.5J Rota Torques fill the front wings while 11J Rota MXRs fill the rather rustic rear arches. It was hardly great to drive but hey, at least we managed to try somewhat to replicate the infamous Rocket Bunny petrol station shot.



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