Meihan 2018 Video

A Rainy Day at Meihan

I’ve just recently got back from another incredible trip to Japan that included a stint at Tokyo Auto Salon. I’ve got hundreds of photos to share with you all but, first of all, here is my footage from a rainy day at Meihan Sportsland that I attended on the Wednesday […]

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Rockingham Meihan Joss ER34

Hop Out the 4-Door with a .44 it was 1, 2, 3 & 4

Another video from last weekend’s Rockingham Meihan event, this time with Joss in his ER34 Skyline. The car is incredibly basic with just coilovers and steering rack spacers to note amongst a very sparse spec list; not that you would have known it though thanks to Joss’ very aggressive driving style. It proved […]

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P10 Primera Oulton Park

SR20 P10 Primera On-Board at Oulton Park

Drifting was once known as a budget form of motorsport but, with the current way the sport is changing and after recently discovering the simple joys of a regular circuit day, I’m beginning to see that a more conventional track event can be enjoyed on a shoestring budget. I’ll go into […]

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Rockingham Meihan Drifting

Backwards Entries & Wall Runs at Rockingham Meihan Layout

The weekend just gone was extremely hectic with a lot of car activities. On Saturday I headed to Oulton Park for a conventional track day with friends, before making the trip down to Rockingham on Sunday for one of their fantastic drift days that featured a replica of the famous […]

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Yes, at long last, a new episode of the TALK HARDER podcast is now available for your listening and/or viewing pleasure! This time round, I’m joined in the makeshift studio (a Nissan Primera) by Alex from Low Origin, Saule from v8illuminati and Adam from RETROshine to talk about recent tyre […]

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Rockingham Drift Day Video

Wall Runs & Drift Trains at Rockingham

I had an awesome time spectating at Rockingham’s drift practice day yesterday. There was some brilliantly entertaining driving going on and some spectacular near misses. Check out my video below to see some of the action.

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90s Car Battle Cadwell Park

90s Car Battle: On-Board in Jamie’s DC2

Of the few cars I rode shotgun in at Cadwell Park on Monday, Jamie’s DC2 was probably the most brutal. Combined with his no fear driving style it certainly made for an eye-opening experience in what was my first time in a DC2 Type-R. Check out the raw on-board footage […]

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STL 2: the Movie

Well…sort of. While I may have not released a cinematic epic, what I have put together is 24 minutes of raw footage from the STL 2 event that I held at Driftland last month. Sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of mates in super cool cars having the best time […]

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