Following on from my previous post, I headed down to JAE in Kettering on Friday morning after frantically throwing the car back together, chucking some food and a tent in the boot and hoping for the best. The plan was to meet the Finalboss guys on their stand, dump my S13 behind their much more aesthetically pleasing cars and enjoy a chilled out weekend of beer(s) and barbecue(s). After dumping the car as planned it was time to make a start on the afternoon beverages before taking a stroll of the show…

…things quickly spiralled downhill. Having done my usual and brought the least suitable form of alcohol for the occasion (vodka is not a chilled out, look at cars and enjoy fire beverage) I quickly found myself far beyond any sensibilities and, as such, don’t remember taking any of the following photos.

Saturday morning and a brutal headache soon arrived, so I thought I’d best get some pictures of the guys cars while the weather remained sunny and dry before the forecast rain showed up to spoil the fun. First up, Gaz’s 180SX.

This was previously Mark’s car (it was also black) but has since undergone a bit of a visual transformation. Being a genuine 180SX it still featured all of the creature comforts you’d expect with an import model and, with the somewhat mismatched Type-X and 326 Power aero (that somehow works brilliantly) and Work Euroline wheels, it all added up to a very nice and luxurious skid wagon.

Next up was Jonathan’s GT86. Other than seeing the odd example on the roads while driving to and from work I’ve not really had much chance to study a GT86/BRZ but after seeing Jonathan’s and having a quick sit behind the wheel I’m hooked. A subtle drop, a set of TE37s and a throaty cat back system might be the extent of the modifications at the moment but in all honesty I think that, in the real world at least, it’s a bit too soon for most people to go all out on one of these.

Sukhy’s S14 also subscribes to the simple but effective mantra, with the exterior comprising of little more than a set of XXRs and crystal front indicator lenses. Underneath however, and you’ll find the usual drift car essentials such as coilovers and arms, welded diff, Bride bucket seat, Nardi steering wheel, intercooler and breathing upgrades and a straight-through 3″ turbo-back system. The essentials, in other words.

Duane’s S14 really is a testament to the basics: SR20DE, welded diff and a set of super cool Mitsubishi Starion hoops in 16″ flavour, job done.

S12s are something of a rare sight these days, with Ned’s being a particularly clean example. Even though it has the older of the CA18 lumps under the bonnet (single cam) it would have been wrong if the car didn’t have the familiar sights and smells of a CA as it sat idling in the campsite, smoke gently pouring from the tail end.

Let’s not discuss my heap too much – the new Rays VRX10s look half decent though I guess. More girth is definitely needed, though. Also, big thanks to Yoshi Bits for hooking me up with a new shifter while I was at the show. Goodbye, pink dildo knob!

And then there’s Ezza’s car; the S14 that won car of the show at last year’s event while unpainted and with a crinkled bonnet. It’s fair to say that, with the fresh paint job, DC2 lip and straight bonnet, it was looking better than ever. Stay tuned for more pics of this thing.

Stew did some hard posing (muffled rap music in the distance, obviously).

And then a wild Turville arrived in his spotless S15, fresh from mapping at Protuner with its new Power FC setup and a recent trip to the Nürburgring under its belt.

Now sporting a set of Enkei RPF01s, it was hard not to be jealous.

After a quick wander over to the CivicLife stand we spotted Looney’s EJ – still one of the best cars on the Honda scene in my mind, even if it is now on air and not coilovers.

With Saturday done with it was time to kick back with some beers (yes, definitely beer this time round), eat some Suicide Wings and throw some peanuts on the fire before packing up and heading off in the morning.

An awesome weekend and I’ll definitely be back at JAE in the future.



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