The other weekend I headed down to¬†Silverstone circuit with Josh in my P10 to check out Japfest. I haven’t been to the show since it moved venue a couple of years ago (it used to be held at Castle Combe) so I was keen to see the variety of cars that would be on display. As the UK’s biggest Japanese car show the turnout is always enormous, although the standard of the cars definitely varies from the incredible to the…not-so-incredible. Below are photos of some my favourites that I came across.

Awesome Y33 that parked up close to me in the car park.

Huxley‘s S14.

James‘ S13

Dan‘s S14.

Helen‘s S14.

1UZ-powered S12.

Tooley‘s S15 representing 326POWER UK on the Garage 21 stand.

Lee‘s PS13.

Rob‘s R32.

Mikey‘s S14.

Rory‘s S13.

Marc‘s old JZX110, still looking fantastic.

DJ‘s S13.

Luke‘s FD3S.

Cut Loose R33.

Tom‘s S15.

A rare picture of me with the most important car of the show.

We bumped into the sweet supercharged IS200 and Z32 (pictured further up) on the M6 on the way back. Both made my P10 look incredibly dull by comparison.



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