First of all, thank you to everyone that has taken advantage of the STL Bank Holiday Sale so far today! For now though, I’d like to take you back to the previous Bank Holiday just a few weeks ago. This time round I found myself at Rockingham for another of their Outer Paddock drift days, armed with plenty of suncream after getting sunburnt in typical fashion at Japfest the day before.

As usual, my first lap of the pits started with a Low Origin car. Dan would be representing the guys on his lonesome while team mate Saule was drifting at Teesside a few hundred miles away.

Next up was the Slipwheel guys; Tom in his PS13 Onevia and Perry in his S14.

I believe this was the first outing of the year for the guys and it was cool to see both cars were (visually, at least) largely the same as the last time I saw them.

VS-KFs and 326POWER wheel nuts, the magic combo.

Keeve‘s S13 usually spends the majority of its time in the most Northernmost part of the world (well, not really, but Inverness is really very northerly) while Keeve himself works in London.

However, his car has moved homes from Scotland to England and so attending days like Rockingham is now a whole lot easier.

Hopefully this means we can see him out on track a lot more now that he has many more drift events to choose from within a nearby radius.

It was nice to see Jamie‘s HM-Sports S14 out and about again, although he wasn’t hitting the track this time round.

Rockingham regulars, the small wheel dynamic duo of Rory and Mikey.

Cool PS13 that I’ve seen at Rockingham a few times now.

As always, Adam was getting well and truly stuck in to the action in his boosted MX5. It even caught fire at one point when the fuel tank breather sprung a leak and sprayed fuel vapour in the direction of the red hot rear left tyre. Of course, he still styled it out and finished the lap before putting out the fire, fixing the problem and getting straight back in the queue.

Having set his Rocket Bunny FD3S to one side recently, Sean is back drifting in his RX8. Despite how cheap they can be (sometimes as little as £400), RX8s are still a rare sight at UK drift days.

Paul‘s Supermade-kitted S14 that also was the first car in the country to run a set of Yabaking 1-Piece wheels.

Rob‘s decked R32 4-door.

The A-Bo-Moon influence is strong with this one (and rightly so!).

I really liked this 350Z. The kit suited it well.

Sam‘s S14 has recently been stripped of its D-MAX aero in exchange for a full set of Origin Racing Line items.

Sam rebuilds wheels to wilder specifications in his spare time and, as a result, you can always be sure to see a good combination on his car.

On this particular day, he went with VS-KFs up front and SSR Minervas out back (interestingly in 17″ sizes all round, which isn’t a common sight on kitted S14s).

The front bumper didn’t stay fresh for too long though…

…a run in with Adam saw the two collide on the first corner.

With the sun shining and no cars around you can really appreciate the Graphix-D livery on Dan’s S15.

The brilliant end result is all in the attention to detail; notice the gold 326POWER wheel nuts up front while the rear ones are purple? Just one small feature that helps to complete the car.

Jaime‘s S13 was looking very purple and this was the first time that I had seen it since watching it get painted up at Retroshine a few months ago.

I always wanted G-Corp style aero for my old white S13 and I guess it’d have ended up looking something like this if I’d have actually gone through with it.

Samantha rocked up in her stunning Soarer later in the day. Black paint, clean aero and Blitz 03s are the winning formula here.

Rockingham Drifting boss man Sweeps‘ AE86 was parked up outside the grand stand.

The most obscure drift car of the day was this Lotus that I have also seen drifting the Rockingham infield layouts in the past too. I take my metaphorical hat off to the owner for not having a single care in the world.

Dan off of Destroy or Die was hitting the track to test out some new prototype MX5 suspension components that he had made himself. The aero is also an original Destroy or Die design.

While it wasn’t drifting, Helen‘s S14a looked very aggressive in the pits. Silver is such a rare colour choice for those fitting aero and other body associated aftermarket panels, presumably because of how easily it shows up poor prep work and unrepaired damage.

All in all the day was pretty standard when it comes to a Rockingham Outer Paddock event; plenty of cool cars, great organisation, lots of drivers getting stuck in on track to keep the crowds happy and cheesy chips for lunch. I’m definitely not complaining! I’ll more than likely see you all at the next one.



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