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StyleCase FC3S

Fresh Paint: Adam’s FC3S/Ferrari

Never one to be slow and steady when it comes to working on his car, Adam from StyleCase/RETROshine is constantly switching things up on his car, often completely changing the style in the same amount of time that it would take most people to undergo a small bit of routine maintenance. […]

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Buxton Weekender 2017

Back in the Oval: the First Buxton Weekender of the Year

It was time to go drifting for the first time since New Year’s Eve! Well, when I say that I mean spectating some drifting. Considering my track record at the unforgivable Buxton circuit and my crashing tendencies I didn’t fancy ruining another one of my cars, so I headed to […]

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While up at Buxton on Sunday I filmed a bit of Mat Pickering and his Mx-5 in action. Mat drove a pretty cool Zenki S14 up until the end of last year, while driving a Mk2 Mx-5 as daily toy for the road. For this year Mat decided to head […]

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VIDEO: PS13 Entry Practice at Buxton Raceway

I finally got round to taking my freshly built PS13 on track yesterday. I made the short trip up to Buxton with Max early Saturday morning and set about enjoying a “relaxing” shakedown session…which quickly descended into more frantic and aggressive driving on what is one of the most unforgiving […]

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Buxton Sundays

Alex’s Z32 and my S13 in the pits at Buxton Raceway at one of their recent Weekender events.

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Zenki x Buxton

Mat Pickering’s Zenki S14 parked up at Buxton yesterday. Having spent most of the day on track in my own car it was interesting to ride shotgun in Mat’s and see how it felt with a full Geomaster setup – infinitely better would be an apt description.

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Buxton Weekender, March 2014

And in one fell swoop it feels like the drift season is back underway again. The first Buxton weekender of the year took place at the weekend and, as usual, it was full of bumps, scrapes, carnage and fun.

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