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A Hot Sunday at Three Sisters

Yesterday I went to Three Sisters in Wigan to check out another of their drift practice days, although the difference this time was that I was actually going to be driving myself.

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STREET TRACK LIFE Rockingham Meihan Low Origin

A Damp Day at Rockingham Meihan

If there’s been one recurring source of frustration for my 2018 so far, it’s been the weather. While the working week is often spent gazing out of my office window at the sunshine and wishing I could be working on my cars, pretty much every weekend of this year so far feels like […]

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ALEX LAW S14 2015

Drifting with Lambo Doors – Alex Law S14, 2015

I found this footage from early 2015 on one of my old hard drives. Alex’s S14 had just been fitted with URAS aero and WORK VS-XXs and was then driven to one of the first Three Sisters drift days. Shortly afterwards, it was driven to Lydden Hill for Round 1 […]

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Low Origin: 2018 Livery Reveal

Josh from Graphix-D has spent the majority of today applying the new livery he designed to Dan Joyce‘s Low Origin S15. As soon as the car was ready, we drove it out for a few photos in the freezing cold as everyone was so happy with how the look turned […]

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Low Origin S15 2018 Edition

Dan from Low Origin works fast. Adam from RETROshine also works fast, maybe even faster than Dan. Combined, the two can churn out work at an alarming rate, with the transformation performed on Dan’s own S15 this weekend just gone being a case in point.

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Rockingham Slipwheel Low Origin

Rockingham Outer Paddock Drift Day

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham for another of their fantastic Outer Paddock drift days. I was gutted not to be driving but, with so many cool cars in attendance, I was looking forward to watching the action and filming some good footage (make sure you check out my […]

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