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Rockingham S14

Rockingham October Outer Paddock Drifting

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham with Adam for another of their outer paddock practice days. Once again I’d be watching from the sidelines rather than driving myself but, having managed a whole hour of sleep the night before, I wasn’t too fussed.

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Rockingham Slipwheel Low Origin

Rockingham Outer Paddock Drift Day

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham for another of their fantastic Outer Paddock drift days. I was gutted not to be driving but, with so many cool cars in attendance, I was looking forward to watching the action and filming some good footage (make sure you check out my […]

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Mr Sparkle Pt.II

After popping up to hang out a few months back, Dan made the trip north again at the weekend to help me get my PS13 fired up for the first time and to also assist with some welding and fabrication. Unlike his last visit he didn’t end up passing out […]

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The Welsh Homeland

Joe giving his Onevia a once over (stopping only to hard pose) prior to the Top 32 battles at Anglesey during the final round of the BDC.

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Glitter Squad

Built from a shell and painted within a two month time period on his driveway; Dan Joyce knows what’s up. More pics after the jump.

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Mr Sparkle

Dan Joyce came up to visit on the weekend to drop off a pair of lower arms he’d kindly extended for me as part of my new steering setup. I was tired as hell and extremely hungover but everyone came round to chill, devour ice cream and just talk drifting. […]

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Staggered Updates

Taking inspiration from the recently revamped C’s Garage Onevia, Joe decided to mix up his wheel game and ditch his impressive supply of R33 wheels in favour of a staggered set of Rota Torques in 17 and 18″ flavours.

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