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2019 Anglesey DriftMatsuri

The other weekend I made my annual trip to check out DriftMatsuri at Anglesey. This time round I skipped the Saturday evening night demo and partying and just popped down on Sunday to catch up with mates, take some pictures and film some video.

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Adam’s PS13

Adam‘s PS13 sitting in the pits at Drift Matsuri the weekend before last. If you think you might recognise this car from somewhere, it used to belong to Marc Huxley off of Huxley Motorsport. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Miki Pink Style S13 Meihan

More to Come…I Promise

Once again, I’ve slipped behind on the blog! Shop duties are by far and away taking over the majority of my time right now but when I say that I promise more content is on the way, I mean it. At the time of writing, I have 88 drafts saved […]

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Rockingham S14

Rockingham October Outer Paddock Drifting

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham with Adam for another of their outer paddock practice days. Once again I’d be watching from the sidelines rather than driving myself but, having managed a whole hour of sleep the night before, I wasn’t too fussed.

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Rockingham Slipwheel Low Origin

Rockingham Outer Paddock Drift Day

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham for another of their fantastic Outer Paddock drift days. I was gutted not to be driving but, with so many cool cars in attendance, I was looking forward to watching the action and filming some good footage (make sure you check out my […]

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Low Origin S15

Superstyle Garage Farewell

If you’ve been around UK drifting for a few years then you’ll probably have come across Mo from Superstyle Garage. You might even remember his old E36 Compact that he used to drift like a mentalist while still ensuring that it looked cool and unlike any other E36 at the time.

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