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Castle Combe Assault: Joe’s Onevia at Japfest

Here’s a quick clip of Joe Ankers in his Car Loan 4U Onevia throwing down a run at Castle Combe last weekend during Japfest. Considering Joe only had around 220bhp available the Silvia wasn’t best suited to the power demanding layout of the circuit but he did himself proud despite […]

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A Visit to Protuner

As mentioned in my previous post, I found myself at Protuner on Friday in order to collect the Japspeed Impreza and take it down to Lydden Hill that night with Ste and Josh. While¬†proprietor Greg Gush busied himself with mapping Paul Smith’s 1JZ powered S15 I thought it’d be rude […]

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Damage Control

Joe Ankers popped over to Manchester this weekend for a number of important reasons. One was to celebrate Harley’s 19th birthday, and the other was to get the rear quarter damage repaired on his beloved PS13 Onevia.

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