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A-Bo Thug Life

When Drift Life Meets the Thug Life

I was going through some of my video footage the other day that I took at this year’s only R32-only drift day when I noticed a split-second frame of A-Bo-Moon team leader, A-Bo Satsukawa, glancing at me as he ran the Motorland Mikawa wall. I thought this was too much […]

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A-Bo-Moon R32 Skylines

The Other A-Bo-Moon R32s

When you think of A-Bo-Moon, you probably think of A-Bo Satsukawa’s iconic 4-door R32. However, as you’ll probably know, A-Bo-Moon is made up of a whole team of guys and girls with their own respective 4-door Skylines, all painted in the team’s trademark blue hue. Each team member has their […]

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Basics R32 4-Door

As Simple as it Gets: Back to Basics R32

I spotted this 4-door Skyline in the Motorland Mikawa pits at the A-Bo-Moon-organised R32-only drift day. Not only did it look great but, further inspection revealed this build was also wonderfully simple. Pretty exterior with basic mechanicals: this is something that a lot of UK and European builds could learn […]

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A-Bo R32 Skyline

Up-Close with a Legend: A-Bo Satsukawa’s R32 Skyline

Some cars in the drift scene carry a legendary status: whether they’ve been hugely successful on track in terms of results or they simply represent the pinnacle of a certain style, there are a handful of cars out there that demand a certain level of respect. A-Bo Satsukawa’s 4-door R32 […]

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A-Bo Moon R32-only Drift Day: 35mm Edition

While I was in Japan I picked up a handful of disposable Fujifilm cameras from the famous Yodabashi Camera store in Shinjuku. I didn’t get the photos developed until many months after I’d returned; the excitement I had when picking up the developed prints and looking through them is what […]

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Simple, Elegant & Effortless Style with Perfect Execution

It says a lot about the European drift scene these days that, despite the sheer quantity of cars with near-1000bhp power figures, incredible amounts of fabrication and ridiculous wings, it’s the clean, well-executed and comparably basic cars that gain the most attention at events and across the internet. A greater number of […]

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VIDEO: On-Board with A-Bo Satsukawa

I crammed as much footage as physically possible into my A-Bo-Moon R32-day drifting video, so I decided to make a shorter edit that focused solely on the on-board footage I captured from inside A-Bo Satsukawa’s 4-door R32. As the team leader of A-Bo-Moon, it’s awesome to see how much confidence […]

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Pretty in Pink R32

One of my favourite cars at the A-Bo-Moon R32-only drift day was this pink four door, mainly because it was such a perfect example of early 2000s styling done right.

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