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Stacked MA61

A New Zealander Abroad: Ewan’s MA61 Celica XX

If you venture away from the likes Tokyo and Yokohama and find yourself at a car event in a more far-removed location, you’re quite likely to be the only Westerner in attendance. While I was at the Ultimate Royals event in Kobe back in September I thought I was the […]

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Funny Fellows JZX100

A Break from the Norm: Funny Fellows JZX100

It’s a cliche to say it but that’s because it is extremely true: you can always find something weird, wonderful and automotive-based in Japan if you walk or drive far enough. I spotted this particular JZX100 in the staff parking area of a 7-11 while I was waiting for the […]

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Kentarou JZS171 Crown Athlete

Wide & Low: Kentarou’s JZS171 Crown Athlete Drift Car

When it comes to drift cars, there are low cars and then there are low cars; Kentarou Yamamoto’s JZS171 Toyota Crown Athlete definitely falls into the latter category. There’s no “hovercraft style” body kit here to provide artificial lows either – this is the real deal.

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Huxley Motorsport Welding

Huxley Motorsport: Workshop Tour

We often see so much written about workshops on the other sides of the world in glamorous locations, whether they belong to huge corporations who have been around since the boom of the modifying era, or be they simply a backstreet unit that belongs to a cult icon who has […]

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Meguiars BBQ Meet

Celebrating Diversity: the Meguiars BBQ Meet

The annual Meguiar’s BBQ meet is an occasion I’ve always read about year-on-year, whether it be online or in magazines. I’ve always appreciated the wide array of cars that have been in attendance, with there being no real focus on a particular scene. When word got out that they wanted a […]

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The Older Sibling

Max’s 7M-GTE powered MkIII Supra parked up and awaiting its next drift day. It’s a shame how often these are overlooked in comparison to their MkIV counterparts. 

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Some more pics of Driftworks’ main man Phil Morrison’s JZX110 parked up in front of the Maxxis truck at Trax, Silverstone shortly after being mapped at Protuner.

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Sweeps’ AE86

As the number of drifters continues to rise within the UK, demand is higher than ever for organised practiced days and competitions. With the organisation of an event comes a great deal of hard work and hassle; something a limited number of people are willing to put up with. Imagine […]

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