On Saturday evening I headed to Stockport for the second v8illuminati Church meet. The first meet was such a good laugh that the recipe was kept the same for this time round: an overwhelming amount of RWD Japanese cars with a smattering of burnouts.

Alex‘s S14 and Josh‘s S13. Alex was actually at the other end of the country at the time of taking this photo and was due to be drifting his car the following day at Rockingham (on top of driving it to and from the track), so it’s fair to say he wasn’t quite as relaxed as the rest of us.

Jonathan‘s super clean S14 on WORK Meister S1s (definitely not Rotas).

Dave‘s creamy R32 next to Mat‘s P10 Primera.

I had so much fun in Mat’s P10 at Cadwell Park last Monday that, less than 24 hours after returning home, we were back on the road to go and collect one for myself. Here you can see it in all its silver glory, complete with hideous ride height and 14″ OEM wheels. I’ll upload a few photos to the blog soon but I can assure you that it’s already given me some seriously big laughs on the road (at comparably small speeds).

Alex’s 326POWER wheel nuts are still going strong.

The last time I posted any photos of Josh’s car painted in all one colour was in this blog post. I can’t remember how long ago that was now but it will feel slightly weird seeing it all one colour again at some point in the future.

Daniel’s MX5 that sees frequent abuse on track.

Matt’s JZX100 Chaser. He also owns this blue PS13 that you might remember from a few months back.

Ayy, Saule representing. Get yours here.

Tom‘s glittery S15, sporting the chunkiest tyres ever to be seen on 17″ VS-KFs. Sporty performance.

Will‘s S13.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a cool EK Civic in the flesh.

I loved the engine bay work, especially the transparent hard intake pipe and spiked manifold studs. Simple things, simple pleasures!

I’d seen the build thread for Ant‘s recently imported C33 but I hadn’t yet seen it in person. I was hugely jealous of the bonnet emblem, something my Laurel has never had.

Charlie’s SR20DE-powered S13, featuring the Street Track Life windscreen sticker front and centre.

Obviously, nobody was allowed to leave without significant peer pressure being heaped upon them.

You don’t want everyone to laugh at you, do you?

Thought not. Let the smoke commence.

I didn’t even know that Asher‘s ER34 existed but it was a pleasant surprise to see it for the first time.

This is definitely the best style for an ER34 if you don’t want to opt for a traditional body kit. The front bumper and carbon fibre skirts worked brilliantly together along with the subtle boot spoiler.

The GT Silver WORK CR Ultimate Kiwamis were absolutely spot on, too.

Will’s S15 was a non-turbo last time I saw it in person but I can happily confirm that it is now very much a turbo powered car.

Will also has an excellent taste in stickers.

Another departure, another influx of tyre smoke incoming.

Alex eventually arrived and started to prep his car for the following day’s drifting.

I can’t say I was particularly enthusiastic about setting my alarm for such an early start on a Sunday when I was already sleep deprived but, writing this post and looking back, I’m extremely lucky to be able to spend time around such awesome cars and their respective owners and then head to a drift event just a couple of hours drive away that would be full of similarly awesome cars too (see my video here).

That’s the whole reason that I started this blog in the first place. I’d always see so many people complaining online that their local car scene sucked, only for me to find that I had such a thriving scene right in front of me that I wanted to document. Seven years on and everything’s still going as strong as ever.



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