Now I think about it, Dan of Destroy or Die couldn’t have built a more suitable car to represent his company’s name. His PS13 has lived a long and somewhat difficult life but, since Dan’s rebuild and recent addition of an SR20, this Silvia is experiencing a new lease of life (I so nearly used the phrase “Die Another Day” but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too obvious). These are some photos I took at STL 2 at Driftland back in July.

Destroy or Die PS13

It’s hard to pinpoint when this PS began seeing use in the UK drift scene but these two photos (click here and here) from a JDM All Stars event at Wembley Stadium in 2010 are as good as any place to start. As the second photo quite clearly demonstrates, previous owner Vince Noott had a bit of an incident in the car and, at some point after this, it was stripped down to a shell.

Destroy or Die PS13

Some time later, Max off of Bollyswag took over the shell and started to build it back up with a CA18 which is when I featured it back at the beginning of 2014.

Max drove around in the car for a bit and then, when he lost interest, Dan ended up with the car and subjected it to a massive overhaul. It did see some drifting but the biggest change came after he drove all the way up to Scotland for last year’s STL event, only for the CA18 to die upon arrival. An SR20 was fitted shortly afterwards with the help of Freddie and, touch wood, things have been rosy since. Dan’s since completed Tinder (more than once) in the meantime.

Destroy or Die PS13

Dan can frequently be found taking part in practice days up and down the country, so be sure to check out his PS13 and close quarters driving with his team mates at a track near you (UK readers!) soon.  You can view his video from STL 2 below.



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