The other week Max sent me a message on Facebook which read: “Safe bladdy G, will you come and do and Ill as fuck bolly feature for bladJ9 soon, we need some bollysposure” (sic). How could I turn down an offer like that, especially when considering his plans for Bolly to become the UK equivalent of Engineered to Slide (Engineered to Swag, in this case)?

Bolly is a group of fairly local units that are home to some fairly daft cars. It’s also where a number of home brew masterpieces have been concocted, taking the phrase “built not bought” to whole new levels of questionable build quality. Despite this, Max describes the recent addition of flowers, a hammock and a first aid kit as features that now make Bolly “fully legit” and a “totally professional environment”.

Having arrived shortly after midday I was promptly offered a beer and set about checking out the latest creation to call this place home. Enter Max’s new Mazda B2200 lowrider.

Originally imported into the UK from America, it’s been sitting dormant in the UK for quite some time now and has never been road registered.

With the B2200 being sat on a pretty ridiculous air ride setup, ┬áthe chassis has undergone major fabrication work to allow for the geometry movements that are experienced when bouncing the car up and down in a somewhat Dr Dre style. This has also allowed it to sit properly on the 20″ Lexarni wheels – a wheel brand I was unfamiliar with and, as the resulting Google search brought up lots of pictures of Hummers, Chryslers and Range Rovers, I’m pretty certain they’re right at home on an old Mazda truck.

Neither of us know anything about the steering wheel…

…but we were both in agreement that it was very much “legit”.

In a far corner of the unit sits Max’s PS13, a work in progress that has been built up from a somewhat bent shell previously owned (and crashed) by Vincent Noott when competing in JDM All Stars. The Silvia is now powered by a CA18 and sports a particularly girthy set of Rota GTR-Ds. The 12Js on the rear have been fitted with tyres in an especially “manz” size of 245/40, an inspired choice considering the 12″ width. The car is also soon to be topped off with a Big Country Labs wing which is currently on its way to the UK from Australia.

Speaking of CA18s, in the corner sits Bell’s recently purchased Mazda 626 which was a perfect runabout…until he decided to pull its heart out and fit a CA18 atop Bolly-made engine mounts. With a bespoke prop shaft having been manufactured for it recently, hopefully we’ll see this thing out on the road soon.

Ideally the B2200 will be released into the wild in the not so distant future once it has been UK registered. I’m sure a mission into the city centre while bouncing up and down and looking incredibly white will be in order when the time comes.



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