With Alex’s S14a being as low as it is, fibreglass parts tend not to last too long. The side skirts in particular have an especially¬†hard time, with the bottom section consistently rubbing the floor on acceleration and eventually just eroding away. Now that he has a new Origin Labo Racing Line kit to fit, it was time for Alex to make some preventative measures to ensure the parts last that little bit longer than usual.

The simple solution would, of course, be to raise the car but, that is the wrong answer. Instead, Alex cut some 2mm sheet steel and riveted it to the rear of the skirts (the section that takes the most abuse). This at least helps to prevent the fibreglass from shattering on impact, while also guaranteeing massive sparks when cruising down a bumpy section of motorway.

Would you just look at that rigidity.

And on a final note, here’s a shot of mine and Josh’s cars parked up. Who needs a winter daily when you can have an old Nissan, eh? That reminds me, I should probably jet wash the road salt off the underside of my C33 ASAP.



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