Having been more than a little gutted that we arrived in Yokohama the day after All That Low’s gigantic meet held at Daikoku Futo, I was determined to get myself to another meet at some point during the rest of our Japan trip. Two trains, some poor Japanese from myself and a very confused taxi driver later, I arrived at a parking area on an Osaka Expressway for a meet that my new friend Akifumi from Yama-Channel had tipped me off about.

Upon being dropped off, I looked around and couldn’t really see any signs of a meet, aside from one or two cars. Thankfully though, Akifumi had warned me that this particular parking area spanned both sides of the expressway and covered multiple floors, so I walked over the pedestrian bridge, hopped in a lift down to the second floor and hoped that the trip had been worthwhile.

Within about thirty seconds of walking out of the lift I knew it had been worthwile. The first cars I came across was this collection of Hakosuka Skylines and Fairlady Zs.

I’ve only seen one or two of these cars in the flesh before, so seeing a line of them parked alongside each other was very exciting.

I turned around only to find more Hakosukas parked up. Some were GT-Rs and others were lesser models but it didn’t matter to me – all of them were built to an incredible standard and I could have spent the whole night poking around them.

Moving on from the retro classics and this Z32 300ZX parked up nearby was sporting an interesting look – black with bronze TE37Vs is a surprisingly great style for the big Fairlady.

This S14 on WORK Kiwamis was nice and simple, although it could have maybe benefitted from a few minutes with some C-spanners to get the front end sitting a little better.

My Honda days are well behind me, but that’s not to say that I couldn’t appreciate a legitimate Kanjo Racer Civic in Osaka.

This EG had all of the usual Kanjo features, what with the roll cage, window nets and tyre paint, plus the required smattering of stickers.

I actually got to travel on the Osaka Loop Line twice on my trip, albeit in the passenger seat of cars. As we travelled back towards the city after this meet at around 430am, the police had setup a rolling roadblock to prevent anyone from getting carried away. Not that they cast us a glance at all as we cruised past in a JZX110 anyway.

I can always appreciate a clean Civic, I just wish people wouldn’t just fit straight pipes to them and think it’s the best sound on Earth while everyone else covers their ears and winces!

I couldn’t help but take some pictures of this EF sedan either – very cool. I especially liked the clear rear tail lights.

I loved how the classic styling on this S15 had been matched with the most in-your-face and polished set of wheels imaginable.

I wasn’t a massive fan of it but fair play to this guy for trying something new.

I couldn’t fault this guy’s wheel choice either, with the gold faces really suiting the candy red paint.

These JZX100s rolled in halfway through the night – I do quite like the Origin Aggressive Line aero fitted to the one on the right. I’m sure it’ll look quite cool once the car’s painted.

It wouldn’t be a car meet in Japan in a multi-storey car park without a Veilside Fortune showing up. I do really like them in Black & Grey, although a typical Orange & Black one rolled through later on.

You don’t often see a Z31, let alone a nice one, so this example was cool to look at.

I’m not even going to try and hide it, I absolutely love these Kei cars.

This 180SX belonged to a guy named Mitsui Shigeki and was clad in Origin Aggressive Line aero and kitted out with TE37SL wheels. 

The 326Power rear wing was a cool addition too. It was cool to speak with Mitsui about his car, albeit through excessive use of Google Translate!

The wheels were a bit bright for my liking but otherwise I was quite a fan of this slammed GC8 Impreza.

I headed to one of the upper levels and found this very clean and simple JZX110 with a fairly unusual set of wheels that you don’t usually see on a big body Toyota. I believe this example was N/A too.

Similarly, this Aristo was extremely simple but still had a great amount of presence.

That’s about as many photos that I can include on one post without breaking my computer so please check back in a few day’s time for some more awesome cars that I spotted while out and about in Osaka!



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