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Alex Wedding Lineup

A Car Guy’s Wedding…featuring Car Guys

If one of your best friends is a car guy, you can be fairly sure that some cool cars will be involved when it comes to their wedding. When the majority of the guests are car guys too, it’s pretty much a given. This was the case at Alex off […]

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Adventures With Friends

Happy New Year everyone. My plans for 2017? Well, one of which is definitely to enjoy more time driving on the road with my friends in our cars. Even if it’s up a mountain in thick fog in sub-zero temperatures in the early hours of the morning…well, especially that. I’ve […]

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Osaka Street Meet – Part 1

Having been more than a little gutted that we arrived in Yokohama the day after All That Low’s gigantic meet held at Daikoku Futo, I was determined to get myself to another meet at some point during the rest of our Japan trip. Two trains, some poor Japanese from myself […]

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Buxton Sundays

Alex’s Z32 and my S13 in the pits at Buxton Raceway at one of their recent Weekender events.

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Car Loan 4U Drift Team x 35mm

Throughout 2013 I was doing a lot of media work for Car Loan 4U Drift Team. More often than not I also had my 35mm Pentax with me as well, so it’d have been rude not to get a few other shots while I was at it. Streetside fitment testing

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Jonny x5

Jonny recently finished his five stud swap – R33 wheels are such a timeless choice. Next up for this car is a set of 550 or 740cc injectors and a Z32 AFM to make use of the Horsham Developments ECU that was fitted just before this photo was taken.

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Car Loan 4U Drift Team Unveiling

It’s always great to see your friends doing well, but when it’s a major sponsorship deal for a sport that they dedicate themselves to, it’s especially humbling. My good buddies Alex Law, Joe Ankers and Matt Samuel (formerly known as SkidRoh) are now the Car Loan 4U Drift Team, and […]

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