Throwing a drift car around on track is always awesome but to me, half the fun is also being able to drive your dumb drift car to work, to the shops or out to the middle of nowhere for some spirited driving whenever you feel like it. On that note, here’s my new C33 Laurel daily runabout and posh track toy.

My two S13s were both road legal, with my white RPS13 being my daily driver for a good couple of years. The PS13 was a bit of a different story though and, in all honesty, was a bit too hardcore for the road with polyurethane this, solid that and a pretty intrusive roll cage. I started to hate using it on the road which is partly why I never bothered to paint it. It was just a really fun track toy (when it worked, that is).

I’ve since broken the PS for parts and sold the shell, so here’s the SR20 powered C33 Laurel that’s replaced it. I’ll post a more detailed build post soon but here’s a quick overview for now.

C33s aren’t too common here in the UK, with their only real representation at drift competitions and practice days in recent years being in the hands of Karl Farrar and his BMW E39 M5 V8 powered Laurel. It was actually Karl that imported this particular example, with it landing at the docks just a few weeks ago. I must say a massive thanks to him for delivering the car to me and sorting out a whole load of other stuff in the process.

I’d never really considered a Laurel at any stage when planning what to drive after the PS but I guess it makes sense; S13 suspension geometry front and rear and room for four inside. Perfect!

Since having the car I’ve spent the last few weeks bringing it up to spec for some light track use: Superstyle knuckles and a relocated steering rack have been fitted for some extra lock and I threw on some Driftworks rear arms to dial out the camber and toe.

Other than that I’ve been doing the usual Nissan tricks such as relocating the wiring loom. I also swapped out the Bride Brix recliner and Momo wheel for my old OMP Champ bucket seat and a Nardi Deep Corn.

On the outside I fitted the 17×9 WORK T7Rs that I ran on the front of the PS. I didn’t have any other 17s for the rear, so I borrowed the CR Kais that used to be on the front of the latest Driftworks S15.

The awesome aero and fibreglass bonnet that came over with the car seemed too good to mess up, so Karl has taken them away to be replicated. The aero and bonnet in the photos here are both temporary (massive thanks to Dan Joyce for painting the aero for me). I’ll get that filler cap sorted soon as well.

All that’s left is to swap out the clutch and I’ll be taking it to Anglesey for Drift Matsuri – hopefully everything goes to plan! Above is a pic of the C33 with my Y32 Cedric that I’ve been using as a runabout for the last few months. I’d love to keep both but I don’t really need two 20+ year old turbo’d Nissan four doors in my life, so the Cedric will be up for grabs soon.



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