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STREET TRACK LIFE Rockingham Meihan Low Origin

A Damp Day at Rockingham Meihan

If there’s been one recurring source of frustration for my 2018 so far, it’s been the weather. While the working week is often spent gazing out of my office window at the sunshine and wishing I could be working on my cars, pretty much every weekend of this year so far feels like […]

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Y32 Cedric

An Update on Cedric

I’ve not posted anything substantial about my Nissan Cedric since August 2016 (see that post here) so I felt it was time I brought everyone up to speed now that I’ve been posting more photos of him (I’ve never been able to refer to the Cedric as “it”, only “him”…I know, I […]

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Oulton Park P10 Primera

No Clutch Kicks Here: Track Day at Oulton Park

Last weekend I drove the short distance down the road from STL HQ to Oulton Park for one of their open pit lane track days. I had been hoping to be taking part in my P10 Primera but I never got round to preparing the car in time, so instead […]

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The STL Y32 Cedric: Diggory 2016 Edition

The last time I posted my Y32 Nissan Cedric daily driver on here, it was to list it for sale back in November. The reason for wanting to sell it at the time was that I’d just got my hands on my new C33 Laurel and didn’t see the need […]

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Cedric Diggory is Up For Sale

My beloved daily Nissan Y32 Cedric aka “Diggory” is up for sale! I’ve decided to focus my efforts on getting my Laurel as good as it can be and, as much as I’d love to, keeping two old Nissan barges in my life is a little pointless when you think […]

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Roll Cage & Cream Leather: STL! C33 Laurel

Throwing a drift car around on track is always awesome but to me, half the fun is also being able to drive your dumb drift car to work, to the shops or out to the middle of nowhere for some spirited driving whenever you feel like it. On that note, […]

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Drift Outlaws Birmingham Wheels

While BDC was on at Anglesey I decided to pop down the road to the much closer and less windy Birmingham Wheels to catch the action at the final round of the Drift Outlaws series. The championship requires cars that adhere to the strict safety standards that have become the […]

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