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2019 Anglesey DriftMatsuri

The other weekend I made my annual trip to check out DriftMatsuri at Anglesey. This time round I skipped the Saturday evening night demo and partying and just popped down on Sunday to catch up with mates, take some pictures and film some video.

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A Tried & Tested Formula: Drift Matsuri 2018

Since its inception in 2013, the event itinerary for the UK’s answer to the worldwide matsuri drifting phenomenon has remained largely unchanged. In short, it means two days of drifting with a night time demo and a whole lot of socialising. But, while the schedule was the same as always, […]

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Lewis AE86 F20C

AE86 with S2000 Heart at STL!3

The Wednesday before any STL! event at Driftland kicks off is always an interesting day. Due to the long distances most drivers and their friends are having to travel, arriving in plenty of time ensures lots of spare hours for hanging out and checking out cars. One of the first […]

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Rockingham S14

Rockingham October Outer Paddock Drifting

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham with Adam for another of their outer paddock practice days. Once again I’d be watching from the sidelines rather than driving myself but, having managed a whole hour of sleep the night before, I wasn’t too fussed.

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86 Day Meet

Celebrating 86 Day: Corolla Brotherhood Meet at Driftworks

Across the world this weekend, fans of Toyota’s legendary Corolla AE86 have been gathering to celebrate 86 Day (traditionally the 6th of August). While technically speaking, 86 Day in the UK should be held on the 8th June (due to the way we write dates here!), the longstanding Corolla Brotherhood […]

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Drifting in the Sun: Three Sisters Practice Day

Being what will undoubtedly be one of the hottest weekends of the year, Sunday’s practice day at Three Sisters saw a lot of sunburnt faces and drivers sweltering in their cars, wishing they hadn’t removed their electric windows and/or air conditioning! I was gutted not to be driving but still popped […]

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Left Hooker AE86

This cool little AE86 was going hard at Drift Bash Party 3 in France this weekend and I had to take a few photos, having never seen a left-hand drive example before.

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