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Adam’s PS13

Adam‘s PS13 sitting in the pits at Drift Matsuri the weekend before last. If you think you might recognise this car from somewhere, it used to belong to Marc Huxley off of Huxley Motorsport. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Huxley Motorsport Welding

Huxley Motorsport: Workshop Tour

We often see so much written about workshops on the other sides of the world in glamorous locations, whether they belong to huge corporations who have been around since the boom of the modifying era, or be they simply a backstreet unit that belongs to a cult icon who has […]

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Golden Skans

Huxley stopped by to say hello in his daily driver PS13 earlier tonight. Uras aero and VS-KFs is always such a good look. The 17x9s up front will soon be joined by a pair of 18×9.5s out at the back.

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Red Top Soundtrack at Birmingham Wheels

After fitting some VIP-tastic curtains to the back of my new daily driver (more info in a future post) on Sunday morning I headed down the road to Birmingham Wheels to catch a few hours of the Skid Risk practice day that was taking place. Aside from the usual array […]

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Everyone Loves an Underdog

The people’s favourite visionary car builder, Marc Huxley, getting his tyre pressures checked prior to his SR20 powered RA28 Celica’s maiden run at Round 3 of the BDC at Teesside Autodrome.

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