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ALEX LAW S14 2015

Drifting with Lambo Doors – Alex Law S14, 2015

I found this footage from early 2015 on one of my old hard drives. Alex’s S14 had just been fitted with URAS aero and WORK VS-XXs and was then driven to one of the first Three Sisters drift days. Shortly afterwards, it was driven to Lydden Hill for Round 1 […]

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The Next Generation of Grassroots Drift Chassis?

With running examples available for just a few hundred pounds these days, it’s a real shame the Mazda Rx-8 was only available with two fairly lacklustre engines while sporting looks that weren’t a patch on the FD3S Rx-7 that came before it. Even engine transplants haven’t been all that common […]

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Competitive Edge

Nigel Moody’s Sileighty parked up in the pits at Lydden Hill during sign-on day of Round 1 of the BDC: competition style done right.

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Ryan Potter’s cool S14 parked up in the Lydden Hill pits during the BDC round there the other week.

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Car Loan 4U Drift Team x 35mm

Throughout 2013 I was doing a lot of media work for Car Loan 4U Drift Team. More often than not I also had my 35mm Pentax with me as well, so it’d have been rude not to get a few other shots while I was at it. Streetside fitment testing

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2013: A Year in Pictures

As stereotypical as it sounds, it really doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was writing my 2012 end-of-year review. 2013 has absolutely flown by and there has been plenty of memorable moments, but unfortunately with the highs come the inevitable lows and with every headstrong, caution to the […]

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