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The Road (and Train) to Meihan: a Visit to Stacked Inc.

While I was at Tokyo Auto Salon I’d been tipped off about a small drift event that would be taking place at Meihan the following Wednesday, organised by the N-Style crew (Naoki Nakamura etc.). The only problem was that the weather forecast was predicting heavy snow, so IĀ held off making […]

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Stacked MA61

A New Zealander Abroad: Ewan’s MA61 Celica XX

If you venture away from the likes Tokyo and Yokohama and find yourself at a car event in a more far-removed location, you’re quite likely to be the only Westerner in attendance. While I was at the Ultimate Royals event in Kobe back in September I thought I was the […]

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Nakamura 1JZ S14

When Four Cylinders Become Six: Naoki Nakamura’s 1JZ S14

When you think of Naoki Nakamura, you probably associate him with a pink and purple PS13 being thrown against a wall of sorts, all while smashing the rev limiter and blaring a distinctive SR20 soundtrack. On that note, let me introduce you to his new car, where only the pink […]

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