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Three Sisters Drift Day Video

Last weekend I popped down to Three Sisters for a couple of hours to watch some grassroots drifting. There were a few cool cars there and some top lads who have previously attended STL events, so I filmed a few clips of them driving. You can check out the video […]

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A Hot Sunday at Three Sisters

Yesterday I went to Three Sisters in Wigan to check out another of their drift practice days, although the difference this time was that I was actually going to be driving myself.

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DRIFT CUP 2018 S15

DriftCup Round 2 at Three Sisters

Some years ago now (I honestly couldn’t tell you when), I was working at Japspeed/BDC Events and would constantly yap on about the dream of a proper nationwide grassroots drift series in the UK. At some point, after hurling around D1SL YouTube clips like they were going out of fashion, the foundations […]

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Drift Cup 2018 Three Sisters Video

Drift Cup 2018 Round 2 at Three Sisters Video

On Sunday I attended Round 2 of the Drift Cup championship, held at the Three Sisters circuit in Wigan. I’ll post up my photos from the event shortly but, in the meantime, here is my video footage from the day. I managed to film some of Sunday morning’s practice session, […]

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ALEX LAW S14 2015

Drifting with Lambo Doors – Alex Law S14, 2015

I found this footage from early 2015 on one of my old hard drives. Alex’s S14 had just been fitted with URAS aero and WORK VS-XXs and was then driven to one of the first Three Sisters drift days. Shortly afterwards, it was driven to Lydden Hill for Round 1 […]

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Will Mx-5

Destroying Things at Three Sisters

On Sunday I made the short journey to Three Sisters circuit to check out their first drift day of the year. It was freezing cold and, at times, snowing, so I couldn’t bring myself to hang about too long. There weren’t too many familiar faces either, although the Destroy or Die […]

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Three Sisters Drifting AE86

Winter Drifting at Three Sisters

I’d not touched my C33 Laurel since returning from the STL event that I ran at Driftland back in September. This was mainly due to me having smashed up both the front and rear bumpers and subsequently leaving them with Adam off of Retroshine/StyleCase to try and repair. After a […]

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