On Sunday I made the short journey to Three Sisters circuit to check out their first drift day of the year. It was freezing cold and, at times, snowing, so I couldn’t bring myself to hang about too long. There weren’t too many familiar faces either, although the Destroy or Die crew were in attendance with their usual arsenal of Mx-5s, smashed fibreglass, ruined 13″ tyres and knitted beanie hats.

Will Mx-5

I’m pretty sure I saw Will Ashcroft’s Mx-5 at every drift day I attended last year, which is definitely not a bad thing. An Mx-5 and small 13″ tyres is a perfect recipe for cheap, reliable fun. As you can see below, the guys are certainly fans of a good 13″ wheel.

Destroy or Die 13" Wheels

I guess the only weak point of the equation is Will’s body kit, which has become a running joke for most of the internet since being fitted and subsequently ejected at every drift event. For those keeping tally, Will completed three laps before losing a bumper this time round. The mud that you see below was also acquired during the same off-track excursion.

Will Mx-5

At least the interior is pretty snug and mud-free.

Will Mx-5

The same snugness can’t really be used to describe Destroy or Die main man Dan’s Mx-5 interior, mainly due to the fact that it features holes in the roof. There was a story behind these holes that I think involved Dan locking himself out of his car but, it was so cold at the time that I’ve since forgotten the details of the tale.

Destroy or Dan



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