My PS13 didn’t have the longest of lives – while I thoroughly enjoyed throwing it around on track I really dreaded using it on the road at all and it became a toy that only came out the workshop to be used on track. This isn’t the way I envisaged my time with the car to be like, so unfortunately I have decided to part it out. Pretty much everything is available – check out the list below. For more info on any specific parts, please email me on Click on the part names to see photos of them. I’ll be adding more pictures shorty.

Engine Parts:
T28 Turbo
 – £150
Japspeed Spec-T Manifold – £70
Japspeed 180SX Radiator – £50
Mondeo V6 Electric fans – £30
PS13 Chassis Harness – £50
UK S13 Engine Harness converted to black top SR20 Engine Harness – £50
S14a ECU with NATS removed – £60

Steering Rack – £100
S13 Front Subframe – £40
S13 Rear Subframe £60
Japspeed S13 Camber Arms – £45
Japspeed Traction Rods – £35
Japspeed Toe Arms – £30

Welded 4.3 Diff – £150
S13 Non-ABS Prop section – £80
OEM SR20 Flywheel – £20

PS13 OEM Rear Light Lenses – £75
PS13 OEM Rear Bulb Holders – £50
PS13 Triple Projector Headlights (damaged) – £75
D-Style Front Wings (damaged) – £75



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