I love revisiting old photo folders on my hard drives as I always find¬†pictures that I never got round to editing the first time round. Here are a handful of leftovers that I’ve just found from my trip to Meihan Sportsland back in September 2016.

Meihan Supermade C33 Laurel

This ex-D1/FD Japan Supermade C33 had just been sold when I got to see it in the flesh, with its new owner getting to grips with it in the tight confines of Meihan. Check out my video of it in action below, while the video below that one is of the original owner/builder/driver Yoshida-san from Supermade in action at FD Japan earlier in the year.

Meihan R33

I swear the majority of R33 GTS-Ts still alive in the world today exist within the UK with tacky wheels and eBay dump valves, which means you don’t tend to see too many in Japan. This was the only one seeing some track use on the day, with the purple paint and glittery bonnet doing some favours for the 33’s somewhat marmite lines. Personally, I love them when done right.

Meihan 180SX

This 180SX bore all the trademarks of a diehard Meihan drifter, sporting full Origin Labo. aero and WORK CR Kais/Ultimate Kiwamis. Both Origin and WORK are Osaka-based companies (along with the aforementioned Supermade) and so tend to have a strong following with Meihan drifters.

You can check out the main video that I released from this particular drift day here:



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