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Three Sisters Drift Day Video

Last weekend I popped down to Three Sisters for a couple of hours to watch some grassroots drifting. There were a few cool cars there and some top lads who have previously attended STL events, so I filmed a few clips of them driving. You can check out the video […]

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A Night Out with the Boys

I’m really lucky in that I’m surrounded by modified car culture pretty much all the time. From driving such cars every single day to hanging out with friends all the time, there is a constant flow of things to see and photograph. The day after the P10 Primera afternoon that […]

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Rockingham Meihan S14 & Sileighty

Meihan Sportsland…but at Rockingham

First of all, apologies for the delay with this blog post! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks releasing videos from this event before posting any words, which leads me onto my second point. If you haven’t watched my video from Rockingham’s Meihan layout the other week, check it out […]

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Driftworks Hilux

Driftworks Hilux feat. MX5

There are so many theoretically crazy builds out there. I say  theoretically because plenty of them still exist (and will always exist) in an unfinished state, waiting for those precious moments of effort to finish off that wiring loom, fabricate those engine mounts or even fit the bodywork. Many of […]

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Rockingham Slipwheel Low Origin

Rockingham Outer Paddock Drift Day

On Sunday I headed down to Rockingham for another of their fantastic Outer Paddock drift days. I was gutted not to be driving but, with so many cool cars in attendance, I was looking forward to watching the action and filming some good footage (make sure you check out my […]

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Buxton Weekender 2017

Back in the Oval: the First Buxton Weekender of the Year

It was time to go drifting for the first time since New Year’s Eve! Well, when I say that I mean spectating some drifting. Considering my track record at the unforgivable Buxton circuit and my crashing tendencies I didn’t fancy ruining another one of my cars, so I headed to […]

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Will Mx-5

Destroying Things at Three Sisters

On Sunday I made the short journey to Three Sisters circuit to check out their first drift day of the year. It was freezing cold and, at times, snowing, so I couldn’t bring myself to hang about too long. There weren’t too many familiar faces either, although the Destroy or Die […]

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Bridle Mx-5

The Forgotten Mx-5 Generation

When you think of a modified Mx-5, the first thought that comes to mind for most is usually a Mk1 example, complete with a rag top roof and a few modifications. It’s all too easy to forget the Mk2 and Mk2.5 models that shared the same great handling characteristics, especially as […]

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