Even though I wasn’t drifting at this year’s Drift Matsuri, I still decided to make the trip to spectate. I haven’t missed an Anglesey Drift Matsuri since the first event three years ago and, be it destroying Dan Joyce’s clutch on the big track in 2014 or waking up in a camper van full of drunken Irish chaps before giving a media briefing while extremely hungover back in 2013, I’ve always come away from each event with some daft memories. To be fair, this year was no exception.


I arrived on Saturday afternoon but had important spectating and drinking business to attend to that day, which culminated in some rather wild dance moves in the pit garage party and passing out in the back of my car at 3am (but not before I suddenly realised that I’d parked on a hill). As a result, all of these photos were taken during a walk of the pits on Sunday morning.


Anyone who has driven at Drift Matsuri will have no doubt endured the post-drivers briefing hell that is trying to fit and cut the event sunstrips while being buffeted by the strong sea wind. It looked like Natalie had managed it on her PS13 though.


I loved this Team S1 R32; the colour reminded me a lot of the infamous Top Secret demo cars. I’ll post some more photos of it in the near future.


I was a fan of this S13 too and, judging by the writing drawn in the dirt on the rear bumper, it’s still CA18 powered too.


As I said, these photos were taken early on Sunday morning which explains the array of beer, spirit and miscellaneous bottles lying about the pits. You might also notice the holes in Huxley’s door skin; these were caused by Christy Carpenter, who then proceeded to drive about the circuit with it attached to his exhaust tailpipes. Wild scenes, especially as it happened during the night time battles.


Dougie’s 350Z always looks great and it’s cool to see him throwing the relatively stock powered Z33 around. I can also confirm that a large amount of Jack Daniels was poured from the empty bottle you can see in this photo into my already rather potent vodka and Coke mix a few hours earlier; thanks Dougie. As the kids say these days, it was “lit”.


Rob Phillips’ E30 was one of a handful of cars that I saw throughout the event running the HM-Sports E36 Aero kit, Rob having modified it heavily to fit his older BMW. He’s done a great job though and I loved the murdered-out look.

img_0657_edit_watermark_1024 img_0659_edit_watermark_1024

The Retro Speed Shop S14 is always so well presented. The Supermade aero works perfectly with the WORK CR-2P wheels.


I was a big fan of the vinyl on this PS13; it takes some balls to run an itasha-themed livery here in the UK.


Joe Richardson’s E36 also looked great with its HM-Sports aero, although a handful of high speed off-track excursions had caused a few fibreglass explosions! From what I could tell he’d managed to find all of the pieces though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to repair.


This NB wasn’t drifting but looked pretty cool parked up in the pits. I was definitely a fan of the headlight eyelids, the front bumper arrangement (is that an elaborate front lip?), the side skirts and the rear wing.

img_0696_edit_watermark_1024 img_0700_edit_watermark_1024

Speaking of little Mazdas, I can never get enough of Mat Pickering’s boosted example. After hitching a ride in it to try and film from the highest spectator point, I can confirm that near-300bhp in one of these Roadsters feels very nippy.



Speaking of boosted Mx-5 lumps, Adam was back out in his FC having fitted a fresh 1.6 engine since destroying his last one at the Street Track Life event at Driftland.


Unfortunately, luck was not on his side as the engine was throwing alternator belts left right and centre, meaning we had to walk the touge track on numerous occasions to try and find them. I still put together this short video of him in action when the car was working though, mainly to try and stop him from getting too bummed out about a fairly unsuccessful drift day.

On a side note, would you like to see large Street Track Life stickers (as pictured on Adam’s side skirt in the above photo) available in the shop? Let me know…


Just as I was about to leave, I spotted this R32 parked up in one of the spectator areas. I wasn’t too sure about the Rocket Bunny-style arches but, I felt it deserved a photo nonetheless.

So there you have it: another year, another Drift Matsuri and another hangover. See you next year!



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