While BDC was on at Anglesey I decided to pop down the road to the much closer and less windy Birmingham Wheels to catch the action at the final round of the Drift Outlaws series. The championship requires cars that adhere to the strict safety standards that have become the norm nowadays, although the events themselves are run more like practice days with a competition thrown in for good measure. In short, this results in a lot of seat time and good fun.

The night time practice sessions were fun to watch but the competition itself took place on Sunday – the good thing with Birmingham Wheels is the atmosphere; with all of the spectators sat more or less in one place it makes for some good cheering as everyone gets behind their mates. The track may not be the best but I’ve had a great time watching competitions there recently.

Huxley and Dan’s PS13s parked up in the spectator area. Huxley’s excuse for not competing was a lack of cage and the fact that he’s currently got the car up for sale. Dan’s excuse was that he’d run out of money (that’s what overdrafts are for, right!?).

Dan Brown did great in hisĀ  S13, despite having a massive crash on Sunday morning that totalled two wheels and pretty much every suspension arm on the car. His team pulled out all the stops and got him back up and running a few hours later though. If you recognise Dan’s S13 then it might be because the shell used to belong to Ed “Struggle” Coley a couple of years ago.

A bonus shot of Dan’s PS and my Y32 Cedric daily parked up at Driftworks earlier in the weekend.

Obviously with a drift competition the following day (in a borrowed car, it must be said) the best thing to do the night before would be to get some shut eye, right? Jonny Jiggins didn’t feel that was the case though, so here we are pictured on the Saturday night after an impromptu decision to go out in Birmingham. We got back to my house at around 6am, kebabs and pizzas in hand – thankfully he drove pretty awesome all of Sunday and kept Shay Kavanagh’s S13 out of the Wheels walls!



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