A day of applying vinyl to drift cars; who’d have thought there could be so much going on? At the weekend I popped down to “The Methodist Orthodox Church of v8illuminati” to check out Josh from Graphix-D Design‘s artwork coming to life on Taylor Bloomfield’s BMW E30 and the Low Origin S14 and S15, respectively.

Considering our collective dislike for V8s and passion for SR20s, there couldn’t have been more SR20s in attendance if we tried. Saule’s S14, Alex’s S14 and Harley’s recently acquired 350Z (above photo) are all SR powered.

The SR20 party continued outside, firstly with Dan’s S15 (pre-vinyl)…

…Josh’s S13…

…my C33 Laurel…

…and…oh no, wait. Adam’s FC3S is definitely not SR powered. It does have an MX-5 B6ZE though (with the addition of a turbo), so at least it’s got a four pot of some description.

Still, I was sure to let my feelings known.

Back inside the Church, Alex and Dan were wrestling with their new flame graphics.

Josh, meanwhile, was watching many hours of hard work in front of the computer come to fruition as he applied Taylor’s new livery. He also had an excellent choice in clothing on this particular day; the last few STL “Why Did I Grow Up?” long sleeve t-shirts are available at a reduced price over on the shop¬†while stocks last.

And how could I forget; Taylor’s BMW is also sporting an SR20! What a time to be alive.

You haven’t witnessed true hardship until you’ve watched someone apply vinyl graphics across vented front wings. Harley’s rage at the time was palpable.

Still, it was worth it for this outcome. The bonnet and the driver’s¬†side of Alex’s S14 still needed finishing but, with one side down, it was time to stand back and admire the look.

By this point, Taylor’s E30 was also complete and ready to be re-immersed into the real world. I did have a photo shoot planned with the car immediately after the graphics had been applied but everyone suddenly got very excited after a day of frustrating vinyl application and so, obviously, many burnouts ensued. Stay tuned for my improvised and hastily taken photos of this BMW in the very near future and, of course, videos of the aforementioned burnouts. Ahem.



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