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Paul S14a

An S14 with Something New

When it comes to the S14, a chassis that has been modified by countless people around the world for the last two decades, it can be quite hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not building a car for competition drifting use or following a strict “2001 style” […]

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Jack Shanahan S14

The Evolution Continues: BDC Round 2 at Teesside Autodrome

After what was a sensational season opener, I had every intention of making it to the second round of the rejuvenated and revitalised British Drift Championship. In the end, I was only able to attend day two of the event at Teesside Autodrome but this meant that I would at […]

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Lowest Car in BDC

The Lowest Car in BDC

Some footage I filmed of Alex‘s S14 in action at Sunday’s round of the 2017 BDC at Teesside Autodrome. It’s a real shame that the GoPro’s spot meter wasn’t able to cope with the extreme sunlight during his qualifying run; every other bit of footage was absolutely fine! I’m sure the […]

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BDC Round 1 2017

Evolution, not Revolution: BDC 2017 Round 1

My apologies for borrowing a line from an episode of I’m Alan Partridge for the title of this blog post but it’s a sound-bite that I felt was extremely relevant as I sat in the grandstand at “Round 1: the Evolution” of the British Drift Championship at Rockingham Motor Speedway this weekend. […]

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Low Origin Part 1

An Evening with Low Origin: Part 1

In an era where most content is fed to us in the form of a single photo or a short video clip on social media without a back story or further details, it’s increasingly easy to make our own assumptions as to the subject matter shown in said content. Don’t judge a book […]

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Right Car…Right Engine?

If you remember my post from the other month covering Joe Ankers’ VG30DETT powered S14, Joe was experiencing yet more issues with the troublesome VG and planned on removing it in favour of his old Red Top SR20 taken from his PS13.

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The Next Generation of Grassroots Drift Chassis?

With running examples available for just a few hundred pounds these days, it’s a real shame the Mazda Rx-8 was only available with two fairly lacklustre engines while sporting looks that weren’t a patch on the FD3S Rx-7 that came before it. Even engine transplants haven’t been all that common […]

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Right Car, Wrong Engine? Joe Ankers’ VG S14

The early days of drifting revolved heavily around people taking their daily drivers and driving them as hard as possible, progressively modifying them as they went until their cars resembled hardcore competition track toys that remained road legal. While this is still commonplace in the grassroots scene in both the […]

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