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A Hot Sunday at Three Sisters

Yesterday I went to Three Sisters in Wigan to check out another of their drift practice days, although the difference this time was that I was actually going to be driving myself.

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Flip Paint S13

Japanese Performance Show

As I mentioned in a previous post, I headed down to the Japanese Performance Show in Coventry on a bit of a whim the other weekend to see what was what with the Japanese aftermarket scene nowadays. While said Japanese cars might be my preferred segment of the modified car scene […]

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Rocket Bunny FD3S

A Deep Dish of Rocket Bunny FD3S

While I was shooting Tooley’s S15 after Sunday’s Japanese Performance Show I couldn’t help but notice the assortment of FD RX7s that was gathering behind me. Once I’d finished with the Silvia, I quickly grabbed a few shots of Sean‘s Rocket Bunny-kitted FD3S while I had the opportunity; the rear dish […]

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Tooley Rocket Bunny S15

Garage 21 Rocket Bunny S15: Tooley gets Yabaking’d

On Sunday I found myself at the Japanese Performance show in Coventry which, to be honest, felt like a bit of a welcome break considering pretty much every event I go to nowadays is drifting-related. I’ll post up a photo dump from the show shortly but, in the meantime, here are some photos […]

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Dividing Opinions: Rocket Bunny Boss S14

After seeing the renders for the Rocket Bunny Boss S14 bodykit, my original thoughts were along the lines of “what on earth have they done?” and “why would you do that?”. Even after seeing the photos of the company’s demo car on Speedhunters shortly afterwards, I still wasn’t sold. It […]

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