If you didn’t catch Part 1 of my Osaka Street Meet photos, check them out here. If you did, check out Part 2 of my photos below!

This Infiniti G37 looked pretty awesome on WORK Kiwamis and the fitment was absolutely spot on.

I headed over to the other side of the expressway and found these nice and simple S-bodies, with the team stickers suggesting these were both street drifters.

Navan S14 bumpers just never get old. Is that a DC2 front lip I see as well?

This S15 looked like it had come straight from the track with mismatched aero and low-mount rear wing.

I will never tire of M-Sport S15 front bumpers, although it’s quite easy for them to not look so great if the rest of the car doesn’t suit it.

I’d seen photos of this Rocket Bunny Boss kitted…thing (!?) circulating on Facebook but it was definitely an eye-opener to get up close with it in person. It wasn’t exactly to my tastes but I definitely appreciated the hard work that has clearly gone into it. The actual Rocket Bunny Boss demo S14 was also in attendance at this meet and I’ll post some photos of it another day.

I can’t even deny how much I love these things, especially when they’re rocking cool wheels and aero.

Nice and simple 180SX with a few modern touches, such as the the front lip extension.

Stock-bodied R32 and Enkei RPF01s, a great combination.

Extremely slammed Mark X. If this was in the UK I could guarantee it was on air suspension but, as this was in Japan, I’m fairly sure it was on coilovers.

I loved this S180 Crown, so simple yet such an effective look. 

I’d seen a pretty standard GX71 Toyota earlier in my trip in Harajuku (Tokyo) and had been longing to see a modified example – my wishes were granted on this particular night.

Cool Rocket Bunny kitted PS13 sitting on Enkei 6666 wheels. I think the black does a great job of bringing some subtlety to the kit’s bulbous lines.

I’ve seen this Z32 300ZX on my travels around the Internet in the past, so it was cool to see it in the flesh. The owner was a nice guy too.

I honestly wish I could tell you what this was without resorting to Google, but for now I can only say that it’s a Toyota Crown of sorts. It left with the GX71 pictured above along with another GX71, so I guess they were all rolling together.

I’ve seen plenty of questionably styled GT86/BRZs, something that continues to baffle me as they’re pretty decent looking cars from factory. This was a fine example of how they can be done right though, with the WORK Kiwamis setting it off perfectly.

Another cleanly styled JZX110 – I’ve never really considered how these might look without big bumpers and skirts but I was really feeling this look.

The owner of this PS13 was just closing the bonnet as I rushed over to take a photo – he gladly opened it back up again so I could take a look.

I took the lift back up to the fifth floor and found this JZX100 Chaser. 

It was definitely no beauty queen and looked to have seen its fair share of action but it still had that unique charm that so many used and abused drift cars posses.

I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about this GT86 – I just don’t think the front bumper appealed to me all that much, along with the choice of wheels. Again though, fair play for trying something different.

This bruised and battered C33 rocked up later on in the night, driving on a temporary registration (hence the red lines through the number plates).

I don’t think there was a straight panel on it but I loved the choice of OEM bodywork mixed with 15″ wheels and some bolt-on arches on the rear. Minimal fibreglass to explode and cheap tyres – the perfect drift practice tool.

Another sweet S180 Crown and, yet again, this one appeared to be running at this height on coilovers. Respect!

I’ve still got loads more cars to show you in more detail as there were quite a few present that really grabbed my attention. Stay tuned for more blog posts from the streets of Osaka but for now, I’ll leave you with a photo that I took outside my hotel at around 430am, having been dropped off in this JZX110 by a friend of Akifumi’s that I met during the meet.



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