I finally got round to taking my freshly built PS13 on track yesterday. I made the short trip up to Buxton with Max early Saturday morning and set about enjoying a “relaxing” shakedown session…which quickly descended into more frantic and aggressive driving on what is one of the most unforgiving drift tracks in the country.

I spent a lot of time focusing on my entries and set myself the challenge of getting to grips with third gear kick and flicks. It sounds easy on paper and isn’t particularly difficult on most tracks but, on a track not much wider than the average backstreet and with a concrete wall running the perimeter that is oh-so-happy to welcome you into it, it’s a much more terrifying prospect than normal.

I only had one small mishap though which resulted in a broken headlight and sidelight but, in Buxton terms at least, that makes it a pretty uneventful day in the grand scheme of things.



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